Start A New Site


You can apply to have a new site here!

The first step in starting a new site is to identify a location to host the program.  A good idea is for your program to  run at a school, neighborhood club, recreation center or other such similar venue.  The program location is responsible for providing:

  • A contact person at the site to coordinate with Girls on the Run of Southern Virginia, the distribution of registration material, scheduling of coaches and communication.
  • A safe place for running.  This does not have to be a track; a park, playground or gym is acceptable.  However, it is necessary to measure off part of that area on occasions when lessons require running a certain distance .
  • A place to meet in case of inclement weather
  • A pick-up/drop-off place
  • Two coaches to be trained by Girls on the Run of Southern Virginia.  Coaches must also have CPR and 1st Aid Certification.

The New Sites will be approved on a “first-come, first-serve” basis upon completion of all requirements.

For more information or to begin the New Site Application process, please contact Courtney Hairston at